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i dig everclear's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
i dig everclear

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[14 Jul 2006|03:59pm]


on september 12th, 2006 they're coming out w a new album.
"welcome to the drama club"
on their myspace page they have two tracks from the new album.
they also covered "this land is your land".

=online street team.

they just had a contest to promote the new hater video. the winner got an autographed single and a phone convo with art.
the 5 runner ups got autographed singles as well.

i strongly suggest checking on the myspace page frequently, if you care because that is how i am getting all of my info.
read the blog too. its good.

and art just got/is being sued by his wife because he doesn't have enough money to pay alamony. or something of the sort. check it out for yourslef:

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[13 Jul 2006|11:27am]

i love this community, it's so sad to see it dying. has ANYONE heard ANYTHING about the band recently? i haven't. i hope they will be doing something soon!
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[23 Sep 2005|11:10am]


yah, this community is definitely dead
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[09 Sep 2005|09:01pm]

[ mood | disappointed ]

this community is dead!!!!

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This probably isn't worth reading [13 Aug 2005|01:47am]

I've decided to share with every one my one and only everclear concert experience.
I wrote this like... the day after.

It was SOOOO cool! It was at the House of Blues in LA and we were really close to the stage. Yeah so I'm going to get into detail about this... My dad had said that he had a 'surprise for me' and I figured it was a dishwalla concert cuz he kept asking me if i'd ever wanna see thum in concert, and then he looked up the house of blues on the computer, and had me look at it and told me to type in 'tickets' because our tickets were on the keyboard, and I just kept screwing w the mouse. But finally I saw the tickets. We drove to Beverly Hills. We ate at the House of Blues Resteraunt thing and I had THE BEST tasting hamburger EVER, IN MY WHOLE LIFE. It was delicious. Then we went down and saw one of the opening bands. The lead singer was hott and he cud sing good too. The second opening band, the lead singer looked like a young Mr.Maki (Mr. Maki fell on his bike and was missing fer a week, and Me + Casey made him only the funniest card ever!) yes but this young mr. maki dude, he cudn't sing well too. Then after the opening bands were done we had to wait like 30 minutes just standing in a tight area. I cudn't stand up so I decided to sit on the ground. The people in front of us were probably like the most loser-ish people ever, and they were a couple, and the guy just wouldn't shut up. Like I thought I talked alot. No this dude would serioiusly not SHUT THE HELL UP! He just kept talking. And he was annoying me so I just sat down flat on the floor. OOO and I bought this awesome everclear shirt and a even awesomer everclear beanie. so then wen the show FINALLY started, it was pretty cool. It wasn't extremely loud witch was good. MMMMkay Art Alexakis, he's a scrawny dude. he is seriously pretttty small. His arms were FULL of all these tatoos. As my dad says "Your canvis is full dude." He had like pink circles under his eyes and you could like see his bones. he's one of those people who don't really have a face, just like a skull. But yeah they played I will buy you a new life, Wonderful, Father of Mine, Volvo Driving Soccer Mom, Santa Monica, Heartspark Dollar Sign, Strawberry and sum other stuff from Sparkle and fade. The funniest part was wen this lady walked by me w a beer in her hand and was like, "You want some?" I was just like "No, I'm fine." Then she started talking to my Dad and out of no where she was like, "Is this you're dad?" I was like "yeah..." and she was trying to tell me sumthin but I couldn't really hear. Sumthing about "O ur lucky ur dad likes the same music as you." Sept this lady was mucho drunk. O and in the middle of a song they tryed to start a mosh pit and Art was like, "What the f*ck are you guys doing?" He got pretty pist. O and he was tuning his guitar and was like, "Be patient. you don't want it to sound like sh*t do you?". funny stuff. At the end he sang "567-5309" or whatever the number is, and he invited girls onstage. But you had to b invited. So the one drunk lady from b4 gets onstage and he was like, "Get back down, I didn't invite you." After she had been passed around over the crowd. He did it sum other slutty oriental girl too. We were standing by the rail cuz wen they tryed to start the mosh then we got out. I was too far away too get on stage, and it seemed too embrassing. But it was seriously the best. Aww it was fun. I got home at 12 and the whole next day i felt more energetic than ever b4. Yeah but I recorded sum songs on my cell phone.

sorry i just had to do it i no its long and unneccessary. u can delete t if u really want to.
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[10 Aug 2005|08:15pm]

i can't believe i can't get anyone to go to the free everclear show with me this weekend? what is wrong with this city!?
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[11 Jul 2005|03:18am]

wow, this community is so dead.

perhaps this will liven it up..

i'll post details for anyone who still reads this journal. :)
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[16 May 2004|02:45pm]

I'm selling Everclear stuff on Ebay.
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[11 May 2003|01:02am]

I thought I'd try and bring a little life to this community, and clean out my room at the same time. Therefore I am announcing the first whenever I feel like it everclear on livejournal competition.

That's right, the crazy dude who keeps posting random news stories wants to give you free stuff. Mainly because I was clearing out my CDs and found two doubles, and as I don't know many real life people who like Everclear, and eBay is a bit of a hassle for two CDs, I thought I'd try to give them away.

The two CDs are:

Everything to Everyone AUS Slide-Pak CD Single (7243 8 84673 2 2) - Everything to Everyone, Our Lips Are Sealed, What Do I Get, Walk Don't Run
Wonderful CD Single, Sealed (C2 7243 8 58870 2 4) - Wonderful, Father of Mine (Remix), I'm On Your Time

All you got to do in return is tell me the answer to this stupidly simple question:

What was the title of Colorfinger's only album?

Answers to lg@davidwhitney.co.uk marked "Competition". You have till the end of the month, which is three weeks. I'll pick names out of a hat, or something similar, and contact the winners on June 1st. Winner gets to choose which CD they want, runner up gets the one left over. You can enter from any country I can send parcels to (at the moment Iraq and Afghanistan are out of the question).

So what are you waiting for? You'll never see such a stupid giveaway in your life.
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[12 Mar 2003|09:48pm]

has anyone had any problems downloading the bonus material off the internet for the new cd? the first cd i bought was totally defective, i went out and got a new one tonite and it still wont download. and theres no help section. im getting reallllllly pissed off.
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[11 Mar 2003|05:36pm]

New pics coming soon!
Tour dates coming soon!
Videos later today!

Yes, Everclearonline, for none of your Everclear needs!

Good to see the discography is there though, if you count 6 albums as "a comprehensive list of the recordings made by a particular performer or of a particular composer's works".

Anyhow, what do you guys think of the new album? The bonus material is cool, hadn't seen the video before as I doubt it'll get on MTV in England. The behind the scenes stuff was a nice touch ("who'd want to hear their grandparents having sex though?") hehe. Haven't checked out what the online stuff is, but I've heard it's the Jap tracks, which will be cool.

Those spirals are weird though, makes me think that Art is going to start some sort of hypnotic cult in order to sell more CDs ;-)
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[26 Feb 2003|10:09pm]

Few tour dates if anyone is in the area(s).

Check out WhiteLighting for more information. They are not even on the offical site, but then the Tahoe ones weren't either. Which if you ask me is pretty crap even for Shag.
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[09 Feb 2003|11:43pm]

Just thought you all might like to know you can pre-order Slow Motion Daydream off Amazon. They have both a US and UK version available, although the UK version is scheduled for release on the Monday, and the US one on the Tuesday. Not sure if that will happen but it sounds right as Monday is the standard release day this side of the pond. I've put my pre-order in, just thought you might like to get yours as well :o)

Click here if you wanna see the final coverCollapse )
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hi all:) [28 Jan 2003|09:09pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

hey everybody i just got here whats up?! who went to woodstock '99? hit me back.

hehe bye all

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[16 Jan 2003|10:56pm]

You can get a nice fresh copy of VDSM off EverAmericana if you're interested. It's kinda (no, very) weird, I much prefer the acoustic version, not so overcooked, but it's a new sound, and I'm still optimistic for the rest of the album. The VDSM promo's are appearing on Ebay now, though the one I saw was $20 plus shipping and you're living on the wrong planet if you think I'm paying that, I'll wait till they get more common and come down in price methinks. Rumours abound that there are promo's of the album around as well, so maybe if we're lucky Kazaa, or one of the fan sites will pick it up soon.

Amazon actually has a listing for the Japanese version of the album saying it will be released January 27th, which is obviously a mistake (March 11th is the release date) but at least we know some other countries will be getting the album, and a Japanese release means bonus tracks (maybe Glorious as that never made the final cut?) or some b-sides.

In other news, if you're in the area Everclear are playing two dates at Ceasar's in Tahoe on Feb 7th and 8th. If you're like me you can sit back and cry, wondering when they'll ever get to your town (or country).

Finally, I see Shag has closed down the official site for now. What happened to the promises of song previews, more interviews, competitions and a "really cool" run up to the album release? As usual our excuse for an official webmaster has proved to be about as much use a nuclear powered computer controlled intercontinental ballistic duck. So rather than even attempt to stick to his far fetched promises he's weaseled out of the whole thing by shutting the site, of course now he has pretty much forced himself into a redesign.

I'd register at the forum and complain, but I forgot, the last time you could register and post there all the continents were joined together and called Pangaea. I have no idea who's payroll that guy is on but he needs taking off it and fast, when he updates it's pathetic, he makes more promises than a politician and the only thing he actually seems to do is ban people from the boards.

As usual this degenerated into a rant, but whenever it comes to the official site, what else can you do? Thank god for WhiteLightning, EverAmericana and Hungry & Hollow.
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[06 Nov 2002|12:36pm]

[ mood | complacent ]

getting out of class to sit in the library and listen to sparkle and fade is the coolest thing in the world. just thought i'd share. later <3

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Album Delay? [03 Sep 2002|11:33pm]

Stolen from WhiteLightning.org:

At the Seattle Bumbershoot show this past weekend, Art mentioned that they've decided to delay the release of Slow Motion Daydream. Art's written some new material, and wants to include it on the final album in place of some of the songs that have already been recorded. The band should be re-entering the studio in the next few weeks. They're planning to release the completed album in January.

No word yet on how this will affect tour dates. No fall tour dates were announced, so the band may wait until closer to the album release date to tour."
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New Songs [02 Sep 2002|12:45pm]

Not sure if any of you guys have noticed so I thought I would tell you, Hungry & Hollow and Everamericana have both posted some songs from Slow Motion Daydream, albeit slightly crackly versions taken from the Portland Bite show and the Marconi Radio show (I think...), anyhow, check out the audio pages for versions of How To Win Friends And Influence People, TV Show and a clip of Black Jack.
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Possible Album Track List? [26 Jul 2002|01:13pm]

Cross posted to all three communities...

From Whitelightning.org, nothing has been confirmed but I don't see it really being made up, though you never know.

"Loopy: on the subject of I heard SMDD! said:
"wow, I got to hear the next album, but I'm not saying where.
song titles:
science fiction
how to win friends and influence people
new blue champion (was Glorious)
tv show
volvo driving soccer mom
your new disease
sex with a movie star
a beautiful life
all in all, I think its the BEST album they've ever done. Its got great
songs, great performances, and theres no filler. SFAAM 1 and 2 are just bad
memorys for me now."
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Everclear News [23 Jul 2002|11:20am]

(I posted this over at everclear yesterday but I thought there might be people who only read this one, if not apologies for the cross post!)

As always, thanks to someone else, this time Bret from Downtime for these two snippets :o)

From Launch.com:

Everclear To 'Daydream' In OctoberCollapse )

Everclear Planning October Tour To Coincide With Album ReleaseCollapse )

So yeah, sounds interesting, new album for me, new album and a tour for everyone on the other side of the pond, still, pigs may fly and Art may tour England, but flying pigs sound more likely at this stage.
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