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Everclear News

(I posted this over at everclear yesterday but I thought there might be people who only read this one, if not apologies for the cross post!)

As always, thanks to someone else, this time Bret from Downtime for these two snippets :o)


Everclear To 'Daydream' In October
Thu Jul 18, 4:57 PM ET
(7/18/02, 5 p.m. ET) -- Everclear will make its return on October 8 with its next album, Slow Motion Daydream, according to the band's Art Alexakis, speaking on his group's official website ( The Capitol Records release is being produced by Alexakis and Lars Fox and mixed by Randy Staub.

Alexakis describes Slow Motion Daydream as "the most cohesive and most rock-sounding Everclear record since Sparkle & Fade and So Much For The Afterglow." He says that some have commented that it is the "heaviest sounding Everclear album ever."Alexakis told LAUNCH earlier this year that the album is politically minded, inspired in part by the arrival of the George W. Bush presidential administration. Potential first singles include "Volvo Driving Soccer Mom," about porn stars moving to the suburbs to become Republicans, and "New Blue Champion." Other songs among the dozen making the cut include "Blackjack," about U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft; "How To Win Friends And Influence People"; and the acoustic, string-laden "Chrysanthemum."

However, "Glorious," a new song that was much-touted when Alexakis embarked on a solo tour this spring, will not be on the album."It's not like we're reinventing the wheel, I think we're getting back to what we do as far as writing songs that are edgy," Alexakis says. "Lyrically it's the best songs I've written, ever, and it's definitely the best collection of songs that fit together lyrically without trying to be 'Mr. Roboto,' like a concept record." Slow Motion Daydream is the follow-up to the band's late-2000 effort, Songs From An American Movie, Vol. II: Good Time For A Bad Attitude. But one thing the new album is not is an Alexakis
solo album, contrary to claims he made to the media at the beginning of this year. He confessed to LAUNCH, "Yeah, we were telling people that just so they'd leave us alone about an Everclear record. We lied. We flat-out lied. 'So, what are you doing?' 'Oh, I'm gonna do a solo record.' It's a lie. We always planned on doing an Everclear record, we just wanted to take six months off and just chill. I was writing songs and then we got together in January and started working on them." -- Neal Weiss, Los Angeles

Everclear Planning October Tour To Coincide With Album Release
Mon Jul 22,10:57 AM ET
(7/22/02, 10 a.m. ET) -- Everclear will embark on a tour on October 8, the same day that its next album, Slowmotion Daydream, arrives in stores. Speaking on the group's official website (, frontman Art Alexakis says the tour will either start in Los Angeles or New York and that they are currently considering tour mates.

"We're looking for bands that are cool, that we like," he says. "I don't want to mention names because we haven't decided on it."

The tour would be one of the first for the band since retreating to Portland, Oregon to work on the new album at the beginning of the year. It would also presumably be a return to a normal touring environment for the group, which was not the case late in 2001 when Everclear was on the tail end of promoting its previous release, Songs From An American Movie, Vol. II: Good Time For A Bad Attitude.

Alexakis tells LAUNCH that the September 11 attacks nearly stopped the industry in its tracks. "Every touring band that went out after that pretty much lost money. Promoters, many of them went out of business," he says. "It was a horrible, horrible time. A lot of tours were booked and deposits had been paid and venues just up and canceled or closed their doors because they just couldn't get people to come to shows." Everclear had a college tour booked that, while sold out, was only "half full," Alexakis says. -- Neal Weiss, Los Angeles

So yeah, sounds interesting, new album for me, new album and a tour for everyone on the other side of the pond, still, pigs may fly and Art may tour England, but flying pigs sound more likely at this stage.
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